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Rush Wisconsin West uses Sport Ngin Dibs to manage volunteer activities. 

Why Dibs?
• Dibs allows you to claim and track your volunteer hours.
• Dibs provides administrative tools for us to efficiently create and track our club volunteer activities.

How Does It Work?
Click on this Dibs link or image below and you will be redirected to our Sport Ngin website where the Rush Wisconsin West Dibs are managed.  Once you logon to Dibs (which will require a separate logon from you Rush Wisconsin West Blue Sombrero logon), you will be able to browse and claim volunteer opportunities.  At the event, we will have a specified volunteer check-in area where you will sign-in.  Following the event, we will mark the Dibs complete so the Dibs are credited to your family/athlete.  Note: We do not enter a number of required hours on your Dibs account because the volunteer requirement varies by program. Your Needed Hours count in Dibs will always be zero.  Please track your progress based on the number of hours you have completed. The volunteer requirements per program are listed on the website under the Academy/Competitive menu headings.

Adding an Athlete to Your Sport Ngin Account
When claiming a Dib, you are asked to enter an athlete that is linked to your Sport Ngin account.  If you need to add an athlete to your account, please use the link below.

Add Athlete to Sport Ngin Account

Our Need for Volunteers

As with many volunteer organizations that benefit our children and community, the successful operation of our club depends on volunteers.  We have volunteer needs for tasks that include parent representative-team manager, field assistance, team registration, uniform organization and distribution, equipment management, medical kit management, concessions, fundraising projects, serving on the board of directors, coaching, helping to coordinate events (e.g. Coulee Cup, Winter Invite), referee coordination, tournament coordination, team photos, etc.  If the volunteer work is spread out amongst all teams, then the goal of the club to lower fees for our programs can be accomplished.  Our board and current volunteers are balancing their volunteer work with full-time occupations.  There are simply not enough words to adequately thank those who help.  One of the keys to respected clubs within our state is the effectiveness of the volunteer staff.  As we grow professionally, your help, input, and experience as a volunteer is essential to enhancing our programming.  The club has set mandatory guidelines to distribute this workload.

Policies & Procedures

Rush Wisconsin West Volunteer Policy

Rush Wisconsin West requires the participation of its member families to help with the functions necessary for running the club and to help keep administrative costs at a minimum.  Rush Wisconsin West recognizes that all of its members have their own time priorities and constraints. It further recognizes that some families have the time and the desire to provide more volunteer hours than others and that is always welcome! The dedication and volunteer support of our member families allow Rush Wisconsin West to run three annual tournaments and operate our club.

Volunteer hours are hours of service to the club and /or a particular team.  A list of volunteer opportunities that fulfill a family’s volunteer obligation regardless of the number of players in that family was included in registration. In addition, the volunteer service hours can be performed by any member of the family, as long as the family member is 14 or older.

Volunteer Hour Requirement: The volunteer hours requirements outlined in this policy require a minimum number of service hours for each family.  Failure to volunteer your hours completely will result in an invoice that will be due upon receipt.  No partial invoices will be presented as completion of all hours is required.  It is your responsibility to find volunteer opportunities, fulfill those hours and use our volunteer management system (DIBS) to track the completion of those hours.  

There will be an option to 'Buyout' your volunteer fee at the time of registration.  If you choose to 'Buyout' your volunteer fee you are not obligated to complete your hour required time commitment.  This is not intended as a way to fundraise for the club. We are encouraging all families to be involved and contribute their time and talents for the benefit of all club members.  

Age Fee Minimum Hours
U4-U8 None None
U9-U10 $200 *8 hours per season (4 of these hours at the Coulee Cup or in preparation for tournament)
U11-U14 $200 8 hours per season (4 of these hours at the Coulee Cup or in preparation for tournament)
U15-U19 $100 4 hours per season (2 of these hours at the Coulee Cup or in preparation for tournament)

*U9/U10 registration is seasonal so if a player only plays fall or spring then the volunteer requirement is 4 hours.
The volunteer online sign-up system (DIBS) is the best option for getting the hours and shifts you desire to volunteer for.  Please contact Rush Wisconsin West at [email protected] if you would like to volunteer in another capacity.

Should an invoice be distributed and go unpaid, player and family will not be eligible to register for the following season without completion of payment at the time of registration.

Scholarship recipients are required to complete their 8 hour family commitment.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  

While we encourage families to volunteer more than the required hours, we do not allow overages of volunteer time to be transferred to the next season.  Each season requires the hour commitment of time per family and extra hours may not be carried over to another season

How Can You Help?

Dibs will be created for each volunteer activity and time slot.  Volunteering early ensures you have an opportunity to do a task that fits with your skill set and schedule.  We need individuals to volunteer for such tasks as:

  • Parent representative/team manager
  • Field assistance
  • Registration of teams
  • Uniform organization and distribution
  • Equipment management
  • Medical kit management
  • Concessions
  • Fundraising projects
  • Serving on the board of directors
  • eNewsletter layout and distribution
  • Website updating
  • Coaching
  • Helping coordinate events (e.g. Coulee Cup, Winter Invite)
  • Referee coordination
  • Tournament coordination
  • Team photos
  • Parking attendants
  • Much more

Volunteer Opportunities

Concession:  Work the concessions area serving concessions clients and collecting money for items.  Also restocking area as well when needed.

Concession Griller:  Grill hamburgers and hot dogs.

Concessions Beverage Cart:  Stock, drive concessions cart and sell beverage all over the 52-acre complex. 

Parking North, South and Referee Entrances:  For North and South entrances a fee is charged for the weekend to park in our lots.  The referee area is for RUSH WI West referees and coaches.  This area needs monitoring and no money is collected at this area.

Referee Helper:  As a referee helper, you will sit in a SHADED tent for the duration of your commitment, making sure that referees know where they need to be, and point them in the right direction.  You will also collect game reports from the field marshals and deliver them to the scoring table. (VIA GOLF CART). There may also be some driving of referees to the appropriate fields, and other referee associated tasks. You do not need to know anything about refereeing, or soccer in general.  Just reading schedules.

Field Marshal:  As a Field Marshal, your job would be to oversee 2-3 fields and make sure games are happening on time and running smoothly.  You would be in charge of delivering and collecting game reports from the referees at the fields you are assigned. You would be checking in teams to make sure they are dressed legally.  We will provide a quick checklist of things to look for, so again, no knowledge of the rules is needed here.  Also, while wearing a pretty cool vest, people may come ask you questions about where their teams are playing and how to get to fields, so you will have a schedule and maps to help them. The best part about this job is that you can get your volunteer hours and perhaps watch your child play at the same time.

Registration:  On Friday night and Saturday morning we will be handling team registrations: confirming official rosters, handling player cards, medical releases and coaches code of conduct forms.  There will be a head person to oversee and answer all questions while you are working.  

Transportation:  This job via Golf Cart involves driving handicapped people to and from parking areas to game fields.  Helping with all types of tasks on sites that are necessary.  Golf carts will be used.  This does require a person to be 18 or older.

Trash Collection:  Load garbage cans onto the ATV driven trailer and dump them into the large container.  Return the garbage cans to their respective field when emptied.

Assistant (non-medical) at Medical Tent:  Assist trained medical staff.  Handle ice requests, other requests that come in if the medical staff is out at a field assisting others.  No medical training is needed with this task.


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