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Jul, 2018

The Moments In Between - Building Club Culture

The heartbeat of any club is the culture created within each team that flows throughout the organization. On Saturday, a Summit panel led by Mark Wilson, former Manchester United player and cofounder of Beyond Pulse; Director of Rush Select and International Affairs Brian Lux; and CEO and Club President Tim Schulz dissected how to enhance club culture on a broad scale as well as its importance within teams.

Club culture is not only evident by what is seen, but by what is heard, felt, and intentionally constructed. How is that foundation built?

“Non-negotiable, daily habits allow for the foundation of any culture. Every team has culture. It’s the glue,” Mark Wilson said.

“When culture starts to form, we can shape it with a series of phrases, for example, learning to control the controllables,” Brian Lux continued.

As the panel continued to unpack culture and how it functions within the club, Lux spoke of his experience as a Rush player:

“I often remember Tim would start our warm ups saying, ‘Warmup is in here,’ pointing to his mind. That mentality changed our team.”

Similar to the mental preparation before a game, culture prepares teams, knitting each individual together around common goals.

“How we build our teams matters. Do we build them around scoring goals? Because I think if we do we are missing the mark,” Tim Schulz added.

Successful team culture does not always mean a perfect record; it is far more. Culture as a coach is modeling a foundation of support, resilience, and courage. A well-rounded coach in not afraid to implement those who complement his or her weaknesses in an effort to build the best coaching staff.

“That takes courage – to surround yourself with those who make you better,” Wilson added in the closing comments of the panel.

Seeking to clearly define team and organization culture leads to legacy of a club, leaving an imprint on those who encounter it.

As Rush seeks to cultivate and enhance club culture, the Rush Core Values and the Rush Way Philosophy make for a clearer understanding of what the  club seeks to accomplish.

Accompanying these values is Rush Fest, running this week from July 9th to July 13th. The event allows teams from around the country to come together, play against one another, and participate in classroom sessions that help instill the importance of the Rush Way.

The moments in between each activity at Rush Fest allow for the culture of the club to shine.

Teams corroborate with entire Rush clubs in each state to perform cheers and find any way to support one another. Each match has other Rush teams cheering each player on as clubs like Rush Pike Peak and Wisconsin West Rush face off in friendly matches.

Other clubs represented at the Fest include: Alaska Rush, Carolina Rush, Chicago Rush, Colorado Rush, Connecticut Rush, Florida Rush, Gateway Rush, Georgia Rush, Hawaii Rush, Idaho Rush, Iowa Rush, Kansas Rush, Kansas Rush Wichita, Maryland Rush, Michigan Rush, Missouri Rush, Montana Rush, New Mexico Rush, Northern California Rush, Quad Cities Rush, Wisconsin Rush, SoCal Rush, Southwest Texas Rush, Virginia Rush, and Washington Rush.

The Rush seeks to remain set apart according to the Rush Way culture, whether that is at Rush Fest, regular season play, or friendly matches.

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